Synergy Vital 3 Testimonials - Hear Dr Bill Kellner-Read starts off these amazing testimonials with his own.

Our mission, along with Synergy Worldwide,is to educate and improve the lives of at least 1,000,000.  A big mission we know, however, we have a very determined team with the belief we will do it.


Synergy Worldwide has THE number one heart health supplement and we are very excited that you are here to find out more about it.


The modern way of life makes it difficult to achieve optimal health. Environmental toxins, poor dietary habits, declining exercise rates and a hectic lifestyles all contribute to the rising rates of chronic disease.


Our V3 system targets major health concerns by building a strong foundation for health, boosting the body's immune system with powerful antioxidants and supporting the circulatory system for sustained long-term heart health.


Many natural companies offer just one product, however, one product can only improve one aspect of your health. We understand that the human body is a system where everything works together and nothing exists in isloation.


The power of V3 lies in the totality of the system. Proargi9+, Phytolife and Mistify.


They each work in combination to dramatically improve health in every part of your body.  Our new Vital 3 Nutritional System builds on this philosphy by combining 3 unique products to create a revolutionary approach which delievers a whole body approach to optimal health.


The power of V3 lies in how its 3 products, Core Greens, Mistify and Proargi9+ all work in combination to dramatically improve health in every part of the body.  The benefits of each product are enhanced by the synergistic combination of nutrients and technologies in the V3 system.


If there is anything in particular you would like to know about our products, or are interested in joining our customer program, wherever you are in the world, please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you have


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Who do you know in NZ that would like to know about this amazing opportunity? 

I am so excited that we have yet another market opening. This really is a global opportunity you can build on. (Currently in 29 countries) 

This is a simple business. 

The only thing you need to do is join synergyworldwide as a distributor (£197) which includes your starter kit, become a product of the product and share the information about these amazing company/products and opportunity with everyone you know. This process is then repeated.

Simple huh?

Watch our pre recorded business and  product presentations so you can decide if you'd like to be part of this incredible opportunity. This could be the life changing opportunity you have been waiting for.

Aug Date TBC


Join us for our monthly Opportunity & Training event which takes place at the Park Inn Hotel in Heathrow. 

This is an event for both distributors and their guests to learn more about Synergy, including our fantastic life-changing products and unrivalled compensation plan. 

The Synergy opportunity is for anyone and everyone so please share this event with others who you think would be interested.

Car Parking is free - just let us know you are coming as our guests and we will arrange it for you. 



Read the description and full information on Proargi-9+

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Biological Age test. Find out how old you really are. 



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